dream house for sale

Last year, in the April issue of Veranda, a spectacularly charming and very french house was featured. I loved that house... LOVED!

Imagine my excitement when I found out this very home is for sale! Yes, this beautiful Buckhead home is available for purchase and you can view the listing at Beacham & Company, REALTORS here.

Blayne Beacham, the Director of Creative Services at Beacham & Company, REALTORS was lovely enough to share her photos with me so that we can further explore the beauty, drool, obsess, etc. You can visit her blog here.

Also, thanks to Splendid Sass, for the use of the images from the Veranda article... from her post here. All photos from Veranda were photographed by Peter Vitale.

And now, prepare yourselves for intense beauty!

First, let's compare the images included in Veranda with the listing photos of the house.

This first image is from Veranda and it has got to be one of my favorite rooms ever. Notice the orange rug and the green tapestry... look familiar? (Hello? My family room!)

I mean, the blue and white collection at the back of the room... have you ever in your life seen such beauty? I love the chairs, I love the mirror, I love the blue and white, I love the tapestry and the rug. I think you could accurately say, I love it all!

Basically looks exactly the same...

totally awesome.

And here is the dining room from the listing.. love it! I'm really into collections of plates right now, and this presentation is brilliant.

And that same view from the listing...

And from the listing...

Here is the entryway photo from Veranda.

Love the front doors. In fact they could be the prettiest front doors I've ever laid eyes on. These are definitely my dream front doors.

And from the listing... this bedroom is seriously to die for. That fabric...

From here on, the Veranda images are no more... They just gave us a taste, after all. The remaining photos are courtesy of Blayne Beacham making it possible for us to continue our enjoyment of this amazing house!

The master bath...

I love it a lot.

A powder bath

A charming bedroom and bath...

And another...

The front of the house is french charming...

I just don't think it could be prettier. If you live in Atlanta, or are moving to Atlanta, and are interested in living in one of the most beautiful homes in all of Buckhead, a home that was featured in Veranda because of it's overwhelming beauty, please, do visit this listing to find out more!

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