Bay Design Store

In my last post, I promised to share a store I just discovered this year, although I believe it has been there for years... eight of them actually. 

What a fun surprise to walk into this home design heaven where I wandered from room to room with such anticipation. The prints that adorn each and every wall are especially fabulous. The furniture and accessories are fab as well, but the prints, oh my...

Love this pair of mirrors...

And these prints... oh, if I only had wall space!

Tangerines find me wherever I go!


Hours pass quickly while in this store. Around every turn, around each corner, there is another display of something wonderful, another vignette with a special touch. Thank you to the Bay Design Store, for allowing me to snap photos and share! Please call the store if something caught your eye...

(239) 649-0906

Visit their website HERE. I just did and found more gorgeous (and more professional) images!


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