A Walk Through Winter Park

For some reason, when I'm on vacation, I seem to work out a lot more than I do when I'm home. I guess when I'm on vacation, I have less responsibilities and more time, duh. I also love to explore the area, and my recent visit to Winter Park was no exception. Tomorrow we'll take a look at some of the houses on my walk! Today, we'll start with my parents yard... to get the gorgeousness going!

My dad wished he'd taken the Polaris out of the pool.. I assured him no one would be looking at anything but that blooming fuchsia Mandovilla!


and here it is in purple...

The front yard

is a little something I like to call 


A magnificent Magnolia tree also in the front yard...

The brick paved streets add an unexpected charm not seen in many neighborhoods... 

And isn't there something about water that adds a vacation quality not otherwise achieved?

And of course the ginormous trees with moss galore...

It's a lot easier to get excited about a jog with this scenery!

Back to Mom and Dad's house...

Next up... beautiful houses on this very same walk...


Gorgeous home Jan and scrumptious and lush yard….love all the beautiful blooming plantations…so green. I can almost feel that warm balmy air, unlike the 12 degrees we have here. Looks soooo relaxing! Glad you had fun:)

The enchanted home
How beautiful!!! Is your Dad a “Master Gardener”??? SOMEBODY lovvvves taking care of this yummy piece of property!!! Sooooo pretty!

Linda in AZ *

Linda in AZ *

Jan, Your parents’ yard is nothing short of spectacular. It looks like their neighborhood is lovely as well. I cannot wait to see more.
All the best…Victoria


That is just beautiful!!



Jan, this is such a gorgeous property! I miss the flowering, lush Mandevillas from when I loved in San Diego. I cannot wait to see more!

Wishing You and Yours all the Best in 2012!
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