shopping at allen's

Stopped by Allen's the other day for a stroll through the store. I'd heard about some new things and a new look and I was anxious to get in there and see for myself! I used to take photos with my phone and send to my sister-in-law Nina... this is so much easier!

Let's go shopping!

The store owners, while in Istanbul, sat on this interesting couch and had a chat in a store they do business with. They fell in love with the charming setting while sipping tea, and asked to purchase the piece for the store...

Isn't this color divine?

Love this charming painted piece... that color!

and the darling yellow flowers in a blue vase.

I've almost bought this ten times. I just love the dripping paint! Perfect on a patio, or at the front door, or next to a bench in my living room behind my couch...

Wouldn't this be nice on my veranda? Hanging over the butcher's table? Why yes. Yes, it would.

This is made of hand-cut paper! It's so charming in person... hard to tell in photos.

I almost bought this. Isn't it lovely? I can't figure out where to put it!

There you have it my friends... You can visit Allen's website anytime by clicking on the Allen's button in my sidebar! They are my first sponsor!

Call Allen's at 402-331-8480if you see something you like!

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