mrs. howard

My last trip to Atlanta was all about celebrating my darling sister-in-law's birthday. We surprised her. It was a big one. Bless her heart, on her special day, she hauled us around Atlanta shopping. We hit the malls, we hit the antique stores, and we hit Mrs. Howard's. If you aren't familiar with Phoebe Howard, don't feel bad. I hadn't heard of her either. I was imagining a grandma's house where she might sell specialty pieces or something of that nature. Seems I got that all wrong. Mrs. Howard's is really amazing. Like, really.

Atlanta, Jacksonville Beach, Jacksonville, and Charlotte are all lucky enough to have Mrs. Howard stores. I believe these images, all from the Phoebe Howard website, were taken in the exceptionally beautiful stores. ..

The images above are from Phoebe's blog, Mrs. Howard Personal Shopper. I love how she organized the books by color. Right up my alley...

Oh dear, do I add this to my list of organizing projects... I'm not sure my books would do that?

Click on the quote below to visit the Phoebe Howard website... tons of eye candy awaits...

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