white outside and inside

This post is dedicated to my mother, who after travelling “north” to Jacksonville, FL recently, sent me photos of the view from their hotel room, (which included both the beach and palm trees) and proceeded to tell me it was too cold to go outside… I believe it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 70-75 degrees.

I received this information while pulling into my driveway and couldn’t resist stopping to snap a photo of our current situation…

On another note, look what I found at the grocery store!

(Yes Mother, I travelled in this weather to the grocery store...)

You may recall from this post, I'm not particularly fond of poinsettias... So, when I saw these gorgeous white hydrangeas, I thought they would be a perfect replacement for the poinsettia on my coffee table... and I was correct.

I just added the reject to this bunch...

Maybe the white outside inspired me to add the white inside...

Another inspired home coming tomorrow!

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