Remember Mercato from the Lauritzen Gardens Antique Show? I mentioned them in my posts about the show. (HERE and HERE) Mercato is located in Kansas City and has a 3,000 sq ft space filled with gorgeous Italian antiques. They go to Italy, they find great things, and they bring them home!

Buon Ricordo Plates

"In 1964 the Buon Ricordo union of restaurants was founded in Italy. Each plate represents the culinary specialty of each member restaurant. Buon Ricordo translated means "good memory" and these plates provide the patrons with good memories of a good evening and meal at a particular restaurant."

Their photo gallery is amazing!


Fabulous Italian Iron Lamps


Italian Country Trunk


Antique Glazed Terra Cotta Jars


Antique Spanish Oil Jar


Here are my special pieces from Mercato...

Antique Italian Reliquary Door

The gorgeous old wood and patina add such charm!

A new line of Italian tableware and serve ware based on centuries old historical Italian designs and colors is the newest thing at Mercato. Hand-thrown and painted by Italian artisans, they are absolutely wonderful! They will be available online very soon.

You can visit Mercato anytime by clicking on their sponsor button in my sidebar.... Be on the look out for this new line! Here's a taste of the designs and colors... scrumptious!

Need something Italian and gorgeous in your home?

Click on the link below and visit Mercato today!

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