finally, my ira!

I've been trying to stick to a Mon/Wed/Fri post schedule... But I couldn't wait until Friday to share the exciting news! It's an emergency!

My obsession with Ira Yeager has finally gotten me one of my very own! A recent trip to Napa was all about relaxation with my husband, and a teeny bit about looking for an Ira Yeager painting.

I have literally been fantasizing about an Ira over my living room mantel for almost 6 years! (Ever since the original cow painting that was SOLD when I went back to purchase it!)

So here's the story. I have been emailing images of Ira Yeager paintings back and forth for 5 years and I finally decided it was necessary to take a trip to see the paintings close-up and in person. Well, you've seen all the paintings I saw while visiting Napa. (If you missed those posts, catch up here and here)

We planned to have a private tour at the Ira Yeager Studio during our stay, but it was cancelled last minute... a devastating blow. I did love the cow painting (with tangerines around his neck for goodness sake!) at Vintage Home, but not enough to commit and have it shipped...

Here are some other paintings from Ira's website that are just amazing...

source source source source source

Check out his current exhibition: Mirror Paintings! SO COOL!


So the good news is, the best news ever, after returning home, we were notified about a painting that was reacquired. Reacquired you ask? Yes, reacquired. Apparently, someone who owned this stunning Ira Yeager painting was moving and didn't have a spot for it in the new location. Well, all I can say is, Woo to the Hoo for me! Funny, I ended up getting a painting I had not seen in person after all, but I knew this was the one, even through email. I knew it would be perfect. Classic Ira. Awesome.

So, here it is...


(totally french, charming and romantic, a little larger, and gorgeous colors)

Not 100% sure what I'm going to do on the mantel... I'm thinking a pair of something brown on the inside of the green pots... I'm just so happy about the painting for now! Is it a tad too high? Like an inch?

I must tell you, I do love the Judith Belzer painting the Ira Yeager painting is replacing. It's a beauty from Berry Hill Galleries in New York. Judith Belzer is an accomplished artist with an amazing list of exhibitions. Here are a few new pieces on her website...

Through Lines #8 Through Lines #7 Through Lines #31

To see more of her current and previous work, click HERE.

I thought this was the most beautiful painting I had ever seen when I bought it over a decade ago. The colors were perfect and I loved the idea of mixing antiques and contemporary... such a nice surprise! This painting has truly been loved and was gorgeous in the room. But then I found Ira.... and well, you know...

I plan to hang Leaves, a diptych, elsewhere in my home. However, if there is genuine interest, I would be willing to let it go. I have the packet from Berry Hill with information about the piece, the artist, and the price. It's beautifully framed, and a real treasure. If interested, please contact me by email for details.

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