inspired home: mom and dad

I loved surprising my mom for her birthday! We are an emotional couple of gals. She has been known to cry dramatically when her children come to visit, and also when they leave. She does not mask her feelings in any way. She lets it all out. Ask anyone in the airport! While coming down the escalator, sobbing, I'm certain several people had to assume either I was dying, or she was. No... (thank goodness) just a daughter coming to visit her mom! I tend to cry for things like the National Anthem, Pomp and Circumstance, or for strangers in commercials, but my mom cries for her children.

Anyway, let's go inside...

Perfectly displayed in her living room...

The Gables in Atlanta to St. Louis, lived there for several years, then moved back to the south and currently resides in sunny Florida!

More majolica inside!

The dining room display is really spectacular!

Her tea caddy collection continues to grow... We bought the finial shaped one last week... an exquisite addition!

Boxes are everywhere and I love them mixed with the majolica...

Love this box... and look at those books! The speakers signed each book with a special birthday message at the Lauritzen Gardens Antique Show luncheons!

Zane Moss from the Lauritzen Gardens Antique Show!

This is my favorite of her several majolica garden seats... is that green not to die for?

Another majolica garden seat...

My parents treat their dogs, Pearl and Pajame (pronounced Pa-ja-may) like favorite relatives. Seriously. Steak for dinner? Definitely a possibility... "The girls" go to camp and school, and are on a strict schedule. They are absolutely precious...

Here, you can see the gorgeous Jerusalem stone used throughout the first floor... absolutely stunning!


The kitchen is equipped like a five star restaurant. They eat out every meal, but just in case, you know, they are prepared.

I had to close the shutters to get the photo, but the arched doorway with the intense greenery is just outside this window and offers a beautiful view.

Everyone in my family is obsessed with french olive jars... my mom is no exception.

I love that smart landscaping!

Retirement basically rocks... It's like being on vacation everyday! Picturesque surroundings, gorgeous weather, and a beautiful home put together and kept with such love and care... doesn't get much better than that!

Love you, Mom and Dad!

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