jan buckingham... an inspired garden

Jan Buckingham is a charismatic woman with a great sense of humor. She is a talented designer in Omaha (visit her website HERE) with many passions including gardening, design, jewelry making, reading and travel. Her garden is talked about throughout Omaha and you will see why... It's like a sanctuary and it doesn't look like it's in Omaha! As I was shooting her home, it felt like a vacation in an exotic land.

As wonderful as her home is, I must start with the garden...

Charm Central!

I mean seriously. Is this magnificent?

Apparently, she's got some pretty high expectations. I understand the heat has taken a toll, but I'm still seeing gorgeous... everywhere!

Such a lovely home! Such a spectacular garden!

When I first contacted Jan about photographing her home and garden for my blog, she was confused as to why anyone would want to be a blogger, and why anyone would want to visit a blog. Sounded like a time killer to her... (she's so right about the time!) I tried to explain the pull, but I have found that until a blog is actually visited by a nonbeliever, it is not an easy sell. Days later, I received an email from Jan. She visited my blog, and actually sounded enthusiastic about being included! I love it when people "get it"... Yay for blogging!

Next, we'll move inside this inspired home to experience Jan's love of travel first hand. Exotic finds from all over the world await you... objects of beauty and scary masks alike!

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