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Gardener, designer, collector, traveler, incredible cook, jewelry designer, volunteer, lover of art and all things interesting. All of these describe my friend, Jan Buckingham, a real dynamo. This woman is not only a thinker... she is a doer! She is energetic and capable and can accomplish whatever she sets out to do.

I have been in Jan's home before and knew the kinds of mysterious and mystical objects that awaited me behind the charming, somewhat deceptive facade of this home. The enchanting and lush gardens outside, with birds chirping and squirrels frolicking about do not necessarily tell the story of what's inside. Full of worldly treasures, every space is a feast for the eyes. Let's take a look...

Pull the string on top of these heads and the tongue pops out!

This sunroom is filled with windows to enjoy stunning garden views...

Ahhhh... there's that beautiful garden.

Another Kaneko...

The dining room is dazzling. The dahlias were picked from her garden that morning... no biggie...

You know I love the pottery!

The coffee table is an ox cart. A wheel was cut into four pieces to form the legs... not something you see everyday... or ever!

I am loving this mosaic tile.

Definitely feels like vacation in this space... a beautiful setting with a lovely view for complete bathtub relaxation! (Except, Jan pointed out, when there are roofers working next door...)

Have you ever? I just loved this extraordinary bed!

I have heard from multiple, reliable sources that Jan is a fabulous cook... I'm not surprised.

A view from the dining room to the sunroom.

Masks are everywhere... a reminder and connection to Jan's exotic travels.

I absolutely loved visiting this home. Jan is a stitch and I only wish I could remember every detail and interesting tidbit she had to share about the unusual and fabulous surprises in her home. Seems like she's having more fun than yours truly?? I need to plan an exotic trip. A really exotic trip.

Thank you, Jan! I'm so glad you decided blogging might not be so bad after all! I'm thrilled to have your inspired garden and home be a permanent part of The French Tangerine.

Do check out Jan's website HERE... and see her talent first hand!

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