st. louis

Made a quick trip to St. Louis to visit my sister-in-law, Nina. We are crazy together and go nonstop the second I get there until the second I leave. We started at KDR in hopes of finding Sunbrella fabric for our patio furniture and pillows. We did get some samples ordered... nothing special to share as far as photos go. I thought this bench was lovely... made of concrete!

and fabric.

Next we were off to antique shops...

Brilliant Antiques is always full of beautiful treasures...

Next, we went to an antique mall. I used to turn my nose up at the thought of sifting through all the junk

. Let's just say I definitely have changed my tune about that... I'm not exaggerating when I tell you we spent several hours shopping. We went back the next day for more. I didn't have time to think about getting my camera out. Did I find anything? You could say that. I will share my purchases in a post entitled, "Inspired Shopping" as many of our purchases were inspired by the collections featured recently in inspired home posts.

Of course, I always have to drive through pretty neighborhoods. Nina is the absolute best driver for this activity. She has no problem whatsoever stopping in the middle of the street so that I can get a good shot. She will roll down her window and wave people around. She's the best! Pretty homes are not hard to find.

Some of the homes look like churches!

Doesn't this look like Napa?

Wait until you see the inside! Please be prepared to be alert and focused. The images may resemble another home you've seen on this blog. Mine. It's no coincidence my friends. Nina has absolutely no shame whatsoever. If I have it, she wants it. And I think it's the funniest thing I've ever seen.

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