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Some of you may know about my obsession with Ira Yeager. I have mentioned him several times in past posts. My very first post on The French Tangerine (here) was centered around an inspirational trip to Napa. Specifically, I was quite taken with the tasting room at Swanson Vineyards. It is truly spectacular! I love what Alexa Swanson says on the Swanson Vineyard website about Ira Yeager,

"His paintings are highly imaginative and magical, and adorn the walls of both the Salon and Sip Shoppe as if they were the jewels of a queen."


As a reminder, here are some shots of the Salon with Yeager's paintings everywhere!

Vintage Home, and of course it was an Ira Yeager, and by the time we decided (in one day) we couldn't live without it, it was SOLD. I have been fantasizing ever since. After a recent post on cow paintings (here), my Ira Yeager obsession was re-ignited and is as strong as ever. Over the past four years, I have called Vintage Home (do visit their awesome website) and requested images of new Ira Yeager paintings many times... this was maybe the 70th time I called...


Peasant in Marketplace

Isn't it amazing? The colors are perfect and it would so change the entire feel in two different spots in my home. It's a 60" x 60" which is quite large. I have always felt the two paintings shown below were too small for the space.

Imagine a much larger and more charming painting in place of this (wonderful) contemporary painting from Berry Hill in New York, Judith Belzer, artist.

I think the Ira Yeager would make either space better. It would make the other french elements in the rooms come together, make sense... Plus the rustic quality of the painting will work perfectly with my brick floors and cedar beams. I do love the artwork I have, but I am more french-country-loving than ever, and feel like the paintings I currently have work, but aren't the best option! I have other options as far as placement for each of the two paintings I currently own...

The placement of the Ira Yeager painting in either space is so central to the room and would define the feel of the room. I am not going for a contemporary feel in either space... duh.

Imagine how contemporary paintings would change the feel of this room...

I'm not getting it. I can't right now. When I can, it will probably be sold. But hopefully, there will be another one... just as charming and wonderful. I do hate letting beautiful finds get away...

Bless their hearts over at Vintage Home... I'm sure they've nicknamed me something along the lines of "the annoying woman" but they have been so gracious to me and have sent multiple emails filled with beautiful images! I have purchased other things from this store including my patio pillows, and I highly recommend a visit to their website... Check out these featured antiques...

Oh dear. I want.

Click to access the Vintage Home website

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