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I love Nina. She has no problem whatsoever admitting that she loves my house. So much so, that she will go to great lengths to get the same look... It's no secret to anyone who knows her that she loves my house and everything in it. When her son came to stay with us a few summers ago, he walked around our house taking everything in. Pretty soon he said, "You have a lot of the same stuff we have in our house!" We all got a good laugh over that one. Even as I was going through these photos, preparing this post, I got confused as to just whose house this was... my house or Nina's...

Not to mention, there's no room for the actual thing!

Nina loves Jesus a lot.

We were constantly moving objects of beauty from one spot to another... trying to find perfection. The big problem is that there is usually more than one gorgeous option! Choosing the one to stick with for now is the hard part.

Anderson O'Brian Art Gallery...

The den is also accessed from the kitchen, and is where the amazing Gracie screen will go... (Click here if you missed that post.)

We arranged these shelves at least 2,000 times... this was not the final.

Another find from Anderson O'Brian Art Gallery... I have a very similar one and love it!

The living room is stunning and my favorite room in the house... Recognize the Niermann Weeks

chandelier in her entry? It's a smaller version of my dining room chandelier! Love it... and she's got the light bulbs!

Vintage Home after perusing the site thanks to my post on Ira Yeager! Lauritzen Gardens Antique Show...

I've been jealous of this entry rug for years...

The dining room is across from the living room. Love the Niermann Weeks fixure - Avignon - one of my favorites! The Kevin Tolman painting is very similar to the one in my dining room... both from Anderson O'Brian Art Gallery.

One reason for my trip to St. Louis was to help organize the shelves in the den and the dining room. Some of the photos show before organizing...

Love that mirror! (I have the larger version- both from Niermann Weeks) The fabric on the walls is brilliant.

Hall to guest room

I was quite comfortable in this guest room and look forward to many more visits. We are a dangerous pair. Shopping is exhausting but so much fun.

I love going to Nina's house... truly a home away from home. (pun intended)

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