fabulous flowers

As you know, Whole Foods is my florist... most of the time. I picked up these gorgeous roses last week, and they smelled exactly like rose perfume... no onion/garlic smell like my last Whole Foods "onion flowers" fiasco! (If you missed that story, you can read it here.)

Sometimes, roses will turn brown or start to wilt before they even open! Such a bummer to throw away roses after only enjoying them for a few days. These roses did no such thing... They got prettier and prettier everyday! They were practically like full heads of lettuce!

It's easy to see what attracted me... the orange color with a tinge of pink is brilliant... I probably went a little overboard with the number of photos documenting the beauty. I've noticed experienced bloggers who masterfully choose just one exquisite photo to comment on, displaying such maturity and control. This would not be my strong suit. When it comes to using control in the sharing of beauty department, I don't want a single detail to be missed!

So, here are the roses a couple days after I got home...

Beats the hell out of onion flowers!

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