inspired home... betsy

I must say, I am loving this blogging thing more and more all the time! I absolutely love going through some of the homes that I have admired from the outside for so many years! This home is definitely one of those. It's actually just down the street from me and it is so charming. I love driving by at night... they have beautiful lighting that gives the house a warm glow.

Doesn't this gate look like it's out of a fairytale?

I came in the side entrance which couldn't be more inviting and warm.

You know I love that green pottery!

The house flows so nicely and feels open and roomy. Everything is in it's place and there is no clutter of any kind. Definitely makes someone want to go home and pick up their home... put some things away. The family room goes through the kitchen to the living room...

I love the Carol Pettit painting with that red roof... She is a local artist and very popular in Omaha. You can see more of her paintings HERE


Thank you Betsy!

I adore your home and so appreciate your willingness to let me parade through with my camera!

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